Seminars in Psychotherapy 2018

Process-based CBT 
May 22 – 23
Steven C. Hayes
University of Nevada, Reno, USA
Stefan G. Hofmann
Boston University, USA
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Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) has been an enormous empirical and practical success over its more than 50+ year history. The situation surrounding evidence-based care has dramatically changed, however, and it is important for CBT to change as well. For decades, evidence-based therapy has been defined in terms of scientifically validated protocols focused on syndromes. That era is now passing away. This workshop will feature didactic presentations, demonstration of practical strategies and exercises how to utilize the core competencies of CBT in a pragmatic way that honors the behavioral, cognitive, and acceptance and mindfulness wings of the tradition in a new form of process-based CBT. Additional goals include gaining an up-to-date understanding of the transdiagnostic core processes; using a functional diagnostic system that has treatment utility; and establishing more progressive models and theories in clinical practice.

Integrating Meditation into CBT
May 25 – 26
Thomas Heidenreich
University of Applied Science, Esslingen, Germany
Ulrich Stangier
Goethe University, Frankfurt
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Mindfulness and acceptance represent attitudes originating from Buddhist tradition, but have been adopted in different ways by Western psychotherapies. Meditation is a technique that has been most often adapted to standardized group settings. The workshop will focus on how meditation can be implemented into individual settings and traditional psychological treatments, embedded in the treatment process and combined with cognitive and behavioral interventions. Besides mindfulness based principles, extensions of mindfulness focusing on compassion and metta (Loving Kindness) will be trained. Furthermore, we will discuss modifications of meditation.

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Goethe University Guesthouse

Adress: Frauenlobstr. 1, Frankfurt

Centrally located in a quiet park in Frankfurt

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